Update: TSDS fund to remain on hold

The TSDS Steering Committee met on 8th August 2018 and have determined that the TSDS fund will remain on hold until at least April 2019. Information regarding the application process will be made available in advance of the re-opening of the fund.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Project Manager Eva James on 03 6331 6077 or tsds@forestworks.com.au.

TSDS applications are on hold

The Tasmanian Training and Skills Development Service (TSDS) fund for training and workforce development planning has been well subscribed and as such is approaching the limit of funding availability.

In order to ensure appropriate and strategic allocation of remaining funds, decisions relating to new applications are on hold pending a review of the program to date. During this review period, applications will not be accepted as of 3:30 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Interested parties may register an expression of interest to be notified if and when applications re-open however a notice to all providers and interested parties will be issued when appropriate.

The TSDS team will send a confirmation of receipt to all applicants that have submitted an application prior to the commencement of the hold.

Applicants wishing to change currently approved projects must submit a change request, prior to undertaking the change, which will be assessed on its merit and availability of funding.

The project team invite applicants with currently approved projects that are not going to proceed to withdraw these projects allow the funds to be made available for other projects.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Project Manager Eva James on 03 6331 6077 or email tsds@forestworks.com.au.


Supporting industry to adjust to changing job requirements

With advances in technology and new product development, job roles in our industry will continue to change. The Training and Skills Development Service recognises this challenge.

Tasmanian forest and timber industry workers and their employers can now access funds to undertake training and develop their skills to meet the requirements of new job roles and responsibilities. This service also enables workers to gain formal recognition for skills they have already gained.


Key outcomes of this service

  • Enterprises assisted to meet and respond, to emerging industry directions to support the rebuilding and growth of the Tasmanian Forest and Timber Products Industry.
  • Enterprises supported to increase their performance via a review of future enterprise development objectives, job roles, skills gaps and planning for skills development activity.
  • Employees in the forest and timber industry skilled up and engaged in learning to meet changing work environments and skills requirements.
  • The skills of existing employees are appropriately recognised.
Download the Guidelines

For further details about eligibility requirements and the application process.


Apply here

Current and potential workers in the Tasmanian forest and timber sector can access this service.

Funding is available to both private and public businesses, in both the plantation and native sectors, for training courses that meet the following criteria:

  • training that is of benefit to the Tasmanian Forest and Timber Industry;
  • that is relevant to current and/or future job roles in the forestry sector;
  • and provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Funding can also be accessed to support the development or review of a business’ workforce development plan.

Application Form


Further resources

This document provides a brief overview of the application process.

Download the Process Flow document

This quick guide is designed to assist you to identify the steps within the life of your TSDS Project.

Download the Employer Quick Guide

Download the Employer Quick Guide for Single Units of Competency

These quick guides re designed to assist you in identifying the steps within the life of your TSDS Project.

Download the RTO Quick Guide

Download the RTO Quick Guide for Single Units of Competency

This tool is designed to help you identify skills gaps in your workforce and to plan for training needs.

Download the Strategic Workforce Development Tool


Case Studies

 For further information about past projects please see Case Studies. 




Industry Steering Committee

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Terry Edwards (Chair)
Sustainable Timber Tasmania Craig Patmore
Tasmanian Sawmillers Association Robert Torenius
Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association Karen Hall
Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance Andrew Denman
CFMEU – FFPD Division Jane Calvert
Skills Tasmania Stuart Hollingsworth
Department of State Growth Graeme Nibbs (Observer)



The Tasmanian Training and Skills Development Service is funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments to support the rebuilding and reskilling of the Tasmanian forest and timber industry.