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Supporting industry to achieve high standards

ForestWorks is currently working with industry, the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) and forest managers/growers, to produce a Forestry Better Business Program.

The Forestry Better Business Program will recognise professional businesses operating to high standards in the forest industry.

The online program will assist forest managers and forestry contracting businesses, by clearly describing and documenting the existing industry standards under four key areas:


The online program will provide a platform to support business development. Businesses will be able to use the web portal to store and share information to demonstrate they meet the current standards. The program aims to simplify the information flow between forestry contracting businesses (harvest, haulage, silviculture and other related forestry subcontractors) and forestry managers, streamlining existing verification processes.

Key benefits of the program include

  1. Business accreditation – a mechanism to recognise forestry contracting businesses operating to high standards.
  2. Streamlined communication – between forestry contracting businesses and forestry managers.
  3. One agreed set of standards – based of existing standards, located in one central place, for everyone to use.

Download the brochure for more information

Who determines the standards?

The standards have been drawn from current legislation and regulation, at both a state and federal level. ForestWorks has worked closely with industry to document the relevant and existing industry standards against the four key areas of safety, environment, economic and social.

Industry Steering Committee

ForestWorks, and an industry-led Steering Committee are developing the Forestry Better Business Program.

Following testing and trialling of the program in Tasmania, the program will become available for all states and territories to use in 2017.

Steering Committee Members include:

Adrian Bennett  TP Bennett & Sons
Andrew Morgan  SFM Forest Products
Arnold Willems  Norske Skog Boyer
Timberlands Pacific
Jane Calvert  CFMEU- FFPD
Karen Hall  KC & KN Hall Pty Ltd
Kevin Muskett  BR & KF Muskett & Sons Pty Ltd
Les Walkden  Les Walkden Enterprises
Paul Morgan  Kevin Morgan Group
Stacey Gardiner  Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA)
Steve Whiteley  Forestry Tasmania
Terry Edwards  Forest Industries Association of Tasmania
Tony Stonjek  AKS Forest Solutions