ForestWorks’ staff are committed to the advancement of the forest, wood, paper, timber products and furnishing industries.

Our General Manager Diana Lloyd oversees the strategic operations of ForestWorks’ industry services. We have state-based Skills Advisory Managers who operate across Australia. Our team consists of people who are dedicated to managing ForestWorks various services and programs, including specialists in skills standard and qualifications development.

Contact details for specific enquiries

For general enquiries and our office locations, please contact us.

FOLS Skills Verification Program

1800 177 001

Forestry Better Business Program

Eva James, Skills Advisory Manager

03 6331 6077

Skills Standards and Qualifications

Dr Georgiana Daian, Research Manager

03 9321 3500


Dr Georgiana Daian, Research Manager

03 9321 3500


03 9321 3500