ForestWorks Directors are elected by members and contribute their industry knowledge, expertise and time to guide the strategic direction and governance of ForestWorks.


Jane Calvert

Jane Calvert, Chair

Jane has been representing workers in the industry for more than 25 years. She has intimate knowledge about workers needs in training and career aspirations and the challenges of developing new skills in a fast paced production environment. Jane has a history of being responsible for whole of organisation finances, membership systems and processes, industry and worker engagement, industry development and industry strategy and networking. Jane participates in, and has undertaken, various roles on industry forums; these include the Victorian Forest Industry OHS Forum, Frederick Richard O’Connell Scholarship Trust, SA Forestry Industry Advisory Board, Victorian Forestry Industry Council and Victorian Transport Industry Council.


Tony Price

Tony Price, Director

Tony has 30 years’ experience in all facets of the forest industry, and has a particular interest in harvesting, processing and marketing. He has held a number of senior management positions in the hardwood plantation sector and has also operated his own consultancy business. Tony brings a wide range of executive management and board director experience to ForestWorks and is well connected with industry leaders, which enables him to provide analysis of current industry thinking, issues and challenges. Tony holds a Bachelor of Science (Forestry) from the Australian National University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and attended the International Executive Programme at INSEAD in France. Tony is also a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).


Craig Smith

Craig Smith, Director

Craig has worked in the forest and wood products industry for many years and has spent many years understanding the dynamics of all sectors of the industry through his role in representing workers. Craig brings to ForestWorks extensive knowledge about all sectors in the industry and personal experience in trade training. Craig has been involved in all aspects of skill development in the industry and has excellent understanding of the mechanisms of government on a wide range of issues, including vocational education and training. Craig has held various committee and board positions over the years and has a comprehensive understanding of organisation structures and corporate strategy – from these positions and from his daily interactions with employers in all sectors of the industry. Craig has active roles in the ForestWorks-managed New South Wales based Skills and Training Advisory Committees for forestry and for furnishing design and manufacturing, which provides him with an overview of skills issues across the industry in NSW. Craig holds an honorary elected position as Senior Vice President of the Forestry and Furnishing Division of the CFMEU.


Colin McCulloch, Director

Colin has considerable experience in the forest industry, particularly in harvesting and haulage contracting. His previous roles include Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA). He also played a leading role in the presentation of AusTimber 2008 and was Chairman of AusTimber 2012. Colin is currently the Project Manager at the Arbre Forest Industries Training and Careers Hub. Across his various roles in the industry, Colin has made a significant contribution to supporting skills development of employees and improving safety in the workplace. In 2016, Colin was inducted to the Australian Forest Contractors Hall of Fame, recognising the significant contribution he has made to the growth and development of industry.


Mark Nelson, Director

Mark is a human resources and industrial relations specialist with 25 year’s experience working across various industries. For the past nine years Mark has been with Australian Paper and is currently the General Manager Human Resources. Mark has direct knowledge about the needs and challenges of attracting and developing the skills for a large, complex and diverse regional workforce. Prior to this role he was an independent consultant for a wide range of clients including Carter Holt Harvey.


Leo Skourdoumbis

Leo Skourdoumbis, Director

Leo has many years’ experience supporting the forest, wood, timber, furnishing and building products industries. His experience includes 25 years with the CFMEU, in roles including information management, employee representation and Branch Secretary of the Federated Furnishing Trades Society (FFTS). He also played a central role in the integration of CFMEU-FFTS and CFMEU Forestry Furnishing Building Products & Manufacturing Division (FFPD). Leo brings to ForestWorks a strong understanding of skills issues and challenges across all sectors of the industry. He is currently the Division’s National Senior Assistant Secretary, and is also Vice-President of the CFMEU.