Prefabricated Building Systems Project

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An initial consultation with the Technical Advisory Committee members was conducted to define the scope of the project. Following this feedback, work has begun on the development of units of competency to address skill needs and gaps within the training packages in relation to: 
  • Design of panelised and/or modular prefabricated timber building systems to meet compliance, off-site prefabrication and on-site installation requirements.
    The main job outcomes will include detailed and integrated design solutions for prefabricated timber building systems that meet structural and safety compliance and provide specifications for all stages of the system’s life cycle (off-site prefabrication, transportation and on-site installation.)
  • Prefabrication of timber building systems off-site to cover the application of higher-level production skills including the planning and lean production of assembly work and quality management.
  • Installation of prefabricated timber building systems to address key competencies including safe work practices and use of tools and equipment to accurately position and fix prefabricated timber building systems.
    Activities require the ability to read and apply detailed design specifications and apply knowledge of materials, prefabrication processes and installation techniques to identify and rectify problems during the on-site installation of prefabricated timber building systems.
The project has ascertained that the job roles in the prefabrication of timber building systems are not new, but are highly defined as trade and non-trade occupations.

Many of the basic skills and knowledge required in this industry sector for design, prefabrication and installation are already covered by existing units of competency from a range of training packages including Property Services, Furnishing, Manufacturing and Engineering, Forest and Wood Products and Construction (carpentry).

The existing gaps are in relation to specific competencies, outlined above, that enable people to define their capabilities in the prefabrication of timber building systems or perform tasks within the scope of prefabrication processes.

Additional subject matter experts are welcome and invited. If you would like to contribute technical expertise to the project, please email

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