FOLS Developments in Progress

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FOLS usage continues to expand nationally whilst being maintained in Tasmania and Victoria as a standard practice. The Southern coast of NSW – Eden/Bombala are now transitioning to FOLS.  Contractors are collating their training records with the view of moving to FOLS in the coming months.

New software is being finalised!

ForestWorks continues to work closely with software developers for the next version of the FOLS web-portal and the smartphone apps for both Android and iOS platforms.  The new version will take advantage of new developments in technology that weren’t available several years ago.

One of the developments in Smartphone technology is that the FOLS application can replace the plastic wallet card that so many operators have carried for decades.  The information in the app is synchronised with the website; it is updated whenever a new skill is added and can provide reminders of when CPR or First Aid may need refreshing.

The FOLS web-portal carries new features for employers and forest managers.  Employers can create sets of skills requirements for each job role, generate lists of employees that satisfy the full set of requirements, and easily share this information with other employers or their forest managers.  This means that a sub-contractor can share information with the primary contractor, who can then share the information with the forest manager.

Once the portal and app are ready, ForestWorks will begin importing the data from the old FOLS portal to the new FOLS application software in stages.  Although we will be carefully monitoring the process and checking the data to make sure that it is free from errors, we encourage any employees or businesses to log-in, check their records and alert us to any anomalies as soon as possible.

As records are transitioned into the new software, ForestWorks will contact forest managers and contractors to assist them in accessing the system and taking advantage of its features.

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