A Guide to Renewing Your FOLS

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With many people now renewing their FOLS under ForestWorks’ administration, we are receiving questions about what is required to renew your FOLS. Please find below a quick checklist or guide for FOLS renewals.

  1. Complete the renewal application form making sure you record your contact details and employer. This form will be sent to you in the post or by email.
  2. Record your skills. Please also attach a record of your training, unless you have provided this to ForestWorks as part of your last application. This is your Certificate of Competency or Statement of Attainment for nationally recognised courses. If you cannot find it, please contact your training provider and ask for a copy.
  3. Ask your employer to sign the currency section for the skills you are currently using in your job role. If you are self employed ask your forest manager or the person you work for to sign the form.
  4.  Read and sign the disclaimer agreement. Make sure you indicate how you intend to pay for your FOLS.

For new applicants, the process is similar. You can download the FOLS applications for new applicants here.

The new online portal will have an easy to use process to complete your renewal. The screen shot below shows what it will look like in the new system.



“Some units have different unit codes but the same name. Are they the same?”

This is a common question we receive from people when renewing their FOLS.

Units are regularly reviewed and updated and sometimes their codes change.

An example of this is the current unit FWPCOR2203 Follow environmental care procedures. This unit replaced FPICOR2203B in 2016, which replaced FPICOR2203A in 2011. They are all the same unit, reviewed over time, with minor updates. They are all equivalent units and for the purpose of renewing your FOLS, yes they are the same.

You can check the history of unit versions on www.training.gov.au.