FOLS to Increase in 2017

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In the past few weeks, Telka, a forest contracting business in Western Australia, has commenced bringing their operators on to FOLS. Telka will be the first WA business to adopt FOLS. In 2017 NSW Forestry Corporation will roll out FOLS in their northern region, making them the first organisation in NSW to adopt FOLS.

Next year will see the release of a new online platform and mobile app for FOLS, which will provide forestry businesses, operators and training organisations with greater ease and flexibility to manage their own records.

The number of operators signing up to FOLS increased in 2016, as more businesses recognise the benefits of the service, and see it as a solution to manage the high risk competencies and currency of their workforce.

FOLS is an accepted practice in Tasmania and for VicForests operators. This year HVP Plantations adopted FOLS as their required standard for the recording of training and skills verification for high risk forestry activities. The Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) also became advocates of the program, signing an agreement with ForestWorks to provide AFCA members and their operators with discounted FOLS fees.